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Ethan Braun

Writer at-large


Hi! The name’s ethan

I’m a computer science student, hailing from the heart of the middle of nowhere, AKA Southern Illinois.

What do I do? Well, a lot, and a little.

Right now, I write regularly for the lovely people over at Twinfinite, and before that, Culture of Gaming. I’ve written over 100 articles, ranging from your run-of-the-mill news-pieces, to carefully researched opinion-pieces, to in-depth historic pieces on important game developers, to interviews with important video game influencers.

Here are a few of my favorites:


It Took Sekiro For Me to Appreciate Dark Souls


An Interview with Skilloz, Mario Kart World Record Speedrunner

A Brief History of Masahiro Sakurai

Kaze Emanuar thumbnail dark.png

An Interview with Kaze Emanuar, Super Mario 64 Modder

Mike Morhaime.jpg

Michael Morhaime, Visionary of Blizzard

Diablo 2 dark.png

An Analysis of Video Game Sequels and Reboots


Some Backstory…

Video games have always been incredibly important to me. Ever since I first played on my dad’s old NES and Sega Genesis when I was 6, I’ve fallen deeper and deeper in love with the video game medium, and I don’t see that pursuit stopping any time soon. While I’ve moved beyond those first two consoles by now, I regularly play (and write about) games on console, PC, and mobile.

Back in early 2018, I started a blog to express my deep appreciation of some of my favorite video games. Since then, I’ve worked for two dedicated gaming websites, and had some of the best creative opportunities of my life.

power up podcast.png

Power Up Podcast

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Culture of Gaming’s weekly Power Up Podcast. We discuss everything from video game unions to Golden Retriever JPEG’s, and everything in between! I’m grateful to have had the chance to practice my critical thinking and speaking abilities in a video-form podcast.


TCT Network

In summer of 2018, I had the privilege of getting to work at a global television station! With guidance from the extremely talented professionals who work there, I edited videos, operated cameras, and even scripted my own commercials while I was at TCT.


 A Promise

No matter the project, problem, or priority, I will always strive to complete everything I start. I will contribute greatly to every team that I’m on, both creatively and physically. Most importantly, I will meet deadlines consistently, and without fail; what kind of a writer would I be if I didn’t?